Update on my Music 27 February 2021

Making music has always been a free time passion of mine. I do it because I love this feeling of creating something I have fun with. This is kind of true for everything I do, be it music, programming, or anything else. On top, I hope that maybe someone else enjoys it too, but that is never the driving factor for me. It’s a hobby and, despite some investments into it, I want to treat it as such and not imply any professionalism or feel compelled to meet any professional standards.

What matters to me is accessibility. That’s why I’ve always uploaded stuff to my YouTube channel. If you happen to like what I do, I want you to enjoy it freely. When it comes to my music, I dislike sitting on things for arbitrary reasons like compiling enough tracks for an album, then possibly worrying that my songs are too stylistically random to even fit together. When I finish a track, I usually just want to share it, and this is what I want to double down on more again. I’ve updated the Music page of my website to not just have free download links to my compiled albums but also to most of the (currently) standalone tracks I’ve created in the past few years. You want to listen to them offline on your favorite device or player - go right ahead!

For a while, I was considering to put a formal Creative Commons Attribution license on my music. I feel like if you enjoy it and want to use it for anything, you should be able to do so, as long as my name is credited. There should be no bar stopping you from worries about copyright and, hey, if you wanna remix me or so, why should I want to stop you? That’s pretty cool. I decided against formally declaring it creative commons content, for now. The license can come across as a bit specific regarding attribution and credit. Instead, I’m going with a more “common sense” approach, if that wording makes sense. I’m fine with people using my music as long as they reasonably credit me. It never hurts to have a simple communication, in any case. Just shoot me a note if you want to get a formal OK from me. Besides, I’m interested what people would like to use my music for. Maybe there are some cool project out here I wanna check out too!

If you want to listen to my music on a livestream, e.g. on Twitch, that is totally fine as well. There’s enough DMCA drama already - I’m honored if you want to use my music as a royalty free alternative. Otherwise, if you really want to support me with this hobby, you can just do so with a donation.

With all of this said, in case you haven’t already seen them already, I also want to share some of my latest songs here.