In my free time, I love to compose and produce music. I enjoy creating musical worlds combining different styles and genres and maybe you like my music too.

Most of my music can be listened to on my YouTube Channel. You can subscribe to the channel to get informed about the latest uploads more quickly. On this page, you can find, listen to, and even download my music for free, for your own offline listening experience.

If you enjoy my music and would like to use it in some project of your own, I am generally fine with that. All I ask, in that case, is that you give me some reasonable credit, e.g. by putting my name and a link to my website in a video description. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to ask me for a formal OK. I would love to know about your project, so shoot me message on social media or an e-mail and tell me what you are using it for. I’m really curious and maybe I can share your result too.
Listening to me on a livestream (e.g. on Twitch) is totally fine, by the way.


Download (ZIP, MP3)
YouTube Playlist

Digital Booklet (PDF)
Download (ZIP, MP3)
YouTube Playlist

Other Songs

Here are downloads for more songs that are not part of the albums above but available on my YouTube Channel.

The Seraphim Returns Download OGG
Neutron Highway Download OGG
House of Reminiscence Download OGG
Kaydeen’s Theme Download OGG
The Adamantine Ranger Download OGG
The Ruby Citadel Download OGG
Euphoria Download OGG
On My Way Download OGG
Space Market Download OGG
Little Princess of the Stars (Catherine’s Lullaby) Download OGG
Glimmerfall Caverns Download OGG

Music Sheets

  • A couple of years ago I wrote a piano duet based on the theme of the Skyrim video game. You can download the sheet here and listen to it in this video.

  • I also wrote a christmas medley inspired by Thomas Bergersen’s music. It was written for a piano, a trumpet and a trumbone.

  • Another arrangement for which you can download a piano sheet is Kaydeen’s Theme. This is my interpretation and arrangement of a music box tune from the Prismatic Imperium roleplay.