Over the years, I have been and still am working on a multitude of free-time projects. I want to introduce you to some of them here.

University projects

I got my Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. As my project I wrote a plugin for the Unreal Engine 4 that allows us to run custom Unreal projects in our CAVE.

In a later project we experimented with multiple ways to visualize mines. For that we used the Unreal Engine and my plugin as the framework to create a demonstration. We also made a video introducing that demo.

As part of a Robotics project. I worked on another project based on the Unreal Engine. We integrated a robot with a mounted 360 degree camera. With a HTC VIVE head-mounted display, you can see the world from that cameras perspective and control the TurtleBot using the VIVE controllers. Furthermore, you can take snapshots and navigate through those in a way similar to Google Street View.