Winter Veil Special Comments - 30 December 2016

Here is a small, special Winter Veil spin-off episode for Tales of Azeroth. Originally, I intended to release this episode before Christmas, but I got ill and was not able to finish it in time. Still, here it is and I hope you enjoy it!

The mobile versions for this episode will be available next week.

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New song and episode Comments - 15 November 2016

I’ve been somewhat busy again and ready to present episode four of Tales of Azeroth.

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Tales of Azeroth: The Secrets of Power Link Link Link

Also, I uploaded a song I finished some time ago to YouTube and SoundCloud.

The Eversong Blades (Part II) Comments - 09 August 2016

Here we go with the next episode. This one is a relatively long story with 16 pages. I did not want to split it up when I realized it grew longer than I had thought. Anyway, you can probably expect the next episodes to be shorter again.

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Tales of Azeroth: The Eversong Blades (Part II) Link Link Link
The Eversong Blades (Part I) Comments - 26 May 2016

My concepts for WoW fan fiction have developed further, over the last month. I have plans for multiple episodes that turn this project into a whole series of short stories. I cannot say when I will manage to release the next ones. Currently, I have a one to two month period per episode in mind. So, stay tuned as there is more to come. Today, I present the second episode.

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Tales of Azeroth: The Eversong Blades (Part I) Link Link Link
The Veovis Legacy Comments - 04 May 2016

Here is one of my latest projects: World of Warcraft Fan Fiction. Yes, I actually wrote a short story. It’s been some time since last I wrote anything like that, but suddenly the ideas flooded my mind and I wanted to try whether I can write them down and create an exciting tale. The result is about eight pages long. Check it out and decide for yourself.

Special thanks to Patrick and Patrick for initial feedback and proofreading.

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Tales of Azeroth: The Veovis Legacy Link Link Link