Website updates Comments - 07 December 2017

I have updated some content on the other pages of this website. Feel free to check them out.

Furthermore, I have finished editing this years photos from my vacation on Madeira. This and some more news will follow soon. Until then, you can check out a little video from a rather unknown festival on Madeira. I took that footage this year, as well.

Wherever The Road Comments - 15 February 2017

A new single has made it to the typical digital stores. Wherever The Road is my musical interpretation of the lyrics I wrote for Tales of Azeroth Episode #3. I hope you enjoy it!

Winter Veil Special Comments - 30 December 2016

Here is a small, special Winter Veil spin-off episode for Tales of Azeroth. Originally, I intended to release this episode before Christmas, but I got ill and was not able to finish it in time. Still, here it is and I hope you enjoy it!

The mobile versions for this episode will be available next week.

Title PDF (Desktop) MOBI (Kindle) EPUB (Other)
Tales of Azeroth: A Minor Enterprise (Winter Veil 2016 Special) Link Link Link
New song and episode Comments - 15 November 2016

I’ve been somewhat busy again and ready to present episode four of Tales of Azeroth.

Title PDF (Desktop) MOBI (Kindle) EPUB (Other)
Tales of Azeroth: The Secrets of Power Link Link Link

Also, I uploaded a song I finished some time ago to YouTube and SoundCloud.

The Eversong Blades (Part II) Comments - 09 August 2016

Here we go with the next episode. This one is a relatively long story with 16 pages. I did not want to split it up when I realized it grew longer than I had thought. Anyway, you can probably expect the next episodes to be shorter again.

Title PDF (Desktop) MOBI (Kindle) EPUB (Other)
Tales of Azeroth: The Eversong Blades (Part II) Link Link Link