Season One Finale Comments - 16 December 2017

The finale for the first season of my WoW short stories is now available on the Words page. Make sure to catch up on the previous episodes, if your interest is sparked. As to my plans for the future, I have the rough story for the next season drafted out and want to tell it sometime (without any ETA). After season two, however, I will likely end this experiment and focus on other projects instead. I started this project because I wanted to try and tell a story, but I do not really consider myself an author.

Madeira 2017 and new episode Comments - 09 December 2017

A selection of photos from my vacation on Madeira this year is now available on Flickr.

Also, you can get the next episode for Tales of Azeroth on the Words page. If you’d like to read it, make sure to catch up on the previous episodes. The next one will be the season finale and will be released next week.

Website updates Comments - 07 December 2017

I have updated some content on the other pages of this website. Feel free to check them out.

Furthermore, I have finished editing this years photos from my vacation on Madeira. This and some more news will follow soon. Until then, you can check out a little video from a rather unknown festival on Madeira. I took that footage this year, as well.

Wherever The Road Comments - 15 February 2017

A new single has made it to the typical digital stores. Wherever The Road is my musical interpretation of the lyrics I wrote for Tales of Azeroth Episode #3. I hope you enjoy it!

Winter Veil Special Comments - 30 December 2016

Here is a small, special Winter Veil spin-off episode for Tales of Azeroth. Originally, I intended to release this episode before Christmas, but I got ill and was not able to finish it in time. Still, here it is and I hope you enjoy it!

The mobile versions for this episode will be available next week.

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